TrackingMaster - Automatic tracking and recording of the lecturer

TrackingMaster in detail

The TrackingMaster is used to automatically track lecturers in lectures. For this purpose, a PTZ camera is automatically moved based on data from external sensors to keep the lecturer constantly in the picture.

The reliable position detection of the TrackingMaster is based on the use of 2D laser scanners. By mounting the sensors in the board area, the camera movement is not influenced by students in the auditorium, large projections behind the lecturer and a variety of other interferences. It also enables detection of people looking at the blackboard or not looking directly at the PTZ camera.

The TrackingMaster software evaluates the data in real time and filters out the positions relevant for camera tracking. The tracking PC can be operated in a separate room due to the network connection. Based on the recognized positions, the tracking PTZ camera is controlled.

The exact behavior of the system can be coordinated in consultation with the users. Among other things, the behavior of the camera can be determined in the event that no lecturer is present in the detection area.

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Advantages of the TrackingMaster

  • The TrackingMaster is characterized by high reliability and individual configuration options to best integrate the topic of hybrid teaching into university operations.

  • Compared to optical systems, the TrackingMaster is superior, because not the image (e.g. downscaled JPG stream) is evaluated, but the position precisely detected by laser. Disturbances caused by striped jackets, bad light, reflections through glass panes, etc. are therefore a thing of the past.

  • Audio-based systems are only reliable in rooms without movement (e.g., conference room) and do not ensure reliable detection or tracking in lecture halls. With the already heavy workloads of many media technology teams, there is a need for a system that does not require attention, as is the case with TrackingMaster.
Advantages for universities
  • Reliable positioning of the professor, so that this and, if necessary, the blackboard writing is displayed as a full screen, thus optimizing university didactics in the context of hybrid teaching.

  • High reliability of the system: No additional personnel required to operate or monitor tracking.

  • Individual setting options, e.g. through config frontend and depth detection for different requirements (e.g. fixed presets at the blackboard area if professor*in is standing in front of the blackboard or definition of higher level tracking zones, e.g. to ignore students leaving the room if the professor*in is detected in front of the blackboard)

  • Complete workflow from recording to storage (solution-independent, e.g. OpenCast) automated and flexibly designable. We provide the relevant interface and the required code for the common solutions.

  • Small unit (besides the laser sensors, only a small computer unit supplied is needed) that can be integrated in the lecture hall or in the server room.

  • Regular security and feature updates available. With a development team in Germany, we can respond promptly to requirements from the market.

  • The system works independently of the camera manufacturer.
Advantages for system houses
  • First-class support and continuous further development of the system: contact & support as well as software development in Germany.

  • System can be individually configured to customer requirements and special circumstances.

  • Training of their team and well documented installation guide available.

  • Partner concept available, with benefits such as joint promotions, product demos, showroom equipment and attractive conditions.

  • TrackingMaster is DSGVO compliant.

Automatic camera tracking to provide professional content of e.g. teaching events for streaming or on-demand.

The TrackingMaster detects speakers with innovative lidar laser sensors. We use state-of-the-art Docker technology, which enables feature and security updates.

The system can be started via a media control with one click, with a code the recording can be assigned to a lecture in OpenCast just as quickly.

The setup via the frontend and also the setting of parameters and tracking zones is intuitively configurable.

The TrackingMaster system consists of the software including the computer unit and laser sensors. This is then supplemented by the system integrators with a PTZ camera, camera and sensor mount.

The TrackingMaster at a glance

Areas of application of the TrackingMaster
  • Taking lectures at universities and colleges
  • Recording of events at trade fairs
  • Recording of key notes
  • Recording of church services
For system integrators
  • Access to product training incl. installation and setup guide
  • Easy setup of components and tracking zones via frontend
  • Parameter set and tracking zones individually configurable according to customer needs
  • Support Mo – Friday from 8:00 – 18:00 – Support location: Germany
  • Continuous development of the platform based on the requirements of our customers
  • System runs on its own computer module at the customer’s site, can be remotely maintained and updated
  • Can be combined with common media controls such as Crestron and Extron – New: (We supply the code to connect the media control).
From us you get
  • Support during conception/planning
  • Software incl. computer unit and lidar laser sensors
  • In Thuringia we plan and install the solution ourselves, outside Thuringia we cooperate with local system integrators

Features – What’s new?

  • Optimization of sensor logic based on AI. Object detection improved even further, including the ability to hide interfering objects.
  • Version 1.5 provides an open interface (Rest API). The documentation can be accessed here This interface enables a variety of new use cases to enable an even more automated overall system in the lecture hall > The system becomes intelligent. Based on the position data of the lecturer, lights can be activated/deactivated, microphones can be muted/deactivated, other cameras or a visualizer can be controlled. The possibilities are endless.
  • This version includes a revision of the frontend
  • In version 1.5 we have asked to go some bugs
  • In version 1.4 we have completely rebuilt the camera module. An unprecedented, automated and smooth camera movement gives the viewer the feeling that a human is guiding the camera.
  • We are independent of the camera manufacturer. We have integrated other cameras. Info you can find here: Compatibility List

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