TrackingMaster for system houses

Be the pioneer of hybrid teaching and
lead the university into the digital future

Actively participate with TrackingMaster, what are the benefits for the system integrators?

  • Attractive absolute margin (30% of good product price)
  • Project protection with a clear margin
  • TrackingMaster opens doors, end customers want to talk about solutions or use cases and not about “black boxes”
  • Place as expert: Active development of universities with solutions for hybrid teaching possible, new revenue potentials
  • Privacy-compliant solution, as no evaluation of camera stream
  • Happy customers, as reliable product
  • Partnership-based manufacturer, based in Germany
  • Long-life product (e.g. lidar sensor according to MBFT standard > 100 years lifetime) in combination with service contract and regular function and security updates high added value for end customers

We will support you

  • We are always available to conduct demos with our demo kit together with you
  • Once we identify a lead at a university, we approach our system integrator partners with it
  • We provide marketing materials (flyers, videos, LinkedIn posts, etc.)
  • We actively promote the added value of TrackingMaster to end customers, we actively develop the mindset and hybrid teaching, e.g. with magazine articles
  • Fallback: If unexpected problems occur at the customer’s site (possibly also in connection with the customer’s infrastructure), the TM installation team can even be booked for an installation deployment abroad
  • We support you and your customer on the topic of data protection
TrackingMaster Darstellung Infrastruktur

TrackingMaster IT infrastructure in the lecture hall

The TrackingMaster or automated people tracking can also be integrated into existing rooms at a later date, as the required components are connected to the existing infrastructure via a switch.

First class service +

For us, first-class support is important so that their service to end customers can also be reliable and professional.

Our focus is on high reliability and availability of the system, continuous delivery of new features (OTA) and constant provision of security updates.

Thomas Bellgardt - Bellgardt Medientechnik

Thomas Bellgardt

Owner of Bellgardt Medientechnik in Meckenbeuren (Lake Constance), system integrator

“The TrackingMaster is an innovative product with which we establish professional media technology for hybrid teaching at colleges and universities. As a system house, we have a trusting partnership with VST GmbH from Saalfeld. We are the first certified “Premium Partner” and offer our customers a showroom in Meckenbeuren on Lake Constance to experience the reliable functionality of the TrackingMaster live.”


Provided that the Ethernet cables are already installed in the room and the housings for the sensors are mounted on the wall, the initial setup takes less than 3 hours.

The TrackingMaster frontend, which is located on the NUC, is started. Here all devices are integrated/set up via IP. As soon as this is done, the sensors and the camera can be calibrated. Afterwards the zones and the behavior of the camera can be defined according to the individual preferences.

The integration into the media control system varies depending on the scope of the automation. The basic function can be integrated in a few hours, more extensive automations in a day.


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Tim Kutter
Head of Sales

Tim Kutter - TrackingMaster - Head of Sales