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TrackingMaster Darstellung Infrastruktur

TrackingMaster IT infrastructure in the lecture hall

The TrackingMaster or automated people tracking can also be integrated into existing rooms at a later date, as the required components are connected to the existing infrastructure via a switch.

Our partner program for system houses

Partner management offers system houses a number of benefits such as discounts, use of a TrackingMaster partner seal on the website, an event planned, promoted and hosted by us, e.g. in our showroom or the partner’s showroom. Entry requirements for the partner levels are, depending on the level, minimum sales, implementation of an employee training, implementation of an event, establishment of a showroom. Please contact us if you are interested in the partner program.

First class service +

For us, first-class support is important so that their service to end customers can also be reliable and professional.

Our focus is on high reliability and availability of the system, continuous delivery of new features (OTA) and constant provision of security updates.

Thomas Bellgardt - Bellgardt Medientechnik

Thomas Bellgardt

Owner of Bellgardt Medientechnik in Meckenbeuren (Lake Constance), system integrator

“The TrackingMaster is an innovative product with which we establish professional media technology for hybrid teaching at colleges and universities. As a system house, we have a trusting partnership with VST GmbH from Saalfeld. We are the first certified “Premium Partner” and offer our customers a showroom in Meckenbeuren on Lake Constance to experience the reliable functionality of the TrackingMaster live.”


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Tim Kutter
Head of Sales

Tim Kutter - TrackingMaster - Head of Sales