Success down to the smallest detail: THGA Bochum establishes hybrid teaching

The successful collaboration between Canon and TrackingMaster has raised hybrid courses at the THGA to a new level of quality. The university is now optimally equipped for the future of learning, thanks to first-class technology and data protection solutions. The positive experiences with the Canon PTZ camera and TrackingMaster technology have prompted the university to firmly establish these technologies in its courses in the future.

Watch this! Hybrid teaching with TrackingMaster and Canon at THGA Bochum

“Switching between presets and auto-tracking […] are easily possible. During a transmission or recording of a course, the technology runs unobtrusively in the background so that you can concentrate on teaching and the students.”

“There was already very positive feedback from the students during the first attempts with the hybrid technology.”


Interview with
Frau Prof. Nicole Lefort and
Martin Smaxwil, Project Manager

THGA Bochum