Recording of lectures at universities - universities must establish flexible structures - independent of space and time

Universities must build flexible structures that fit the heterogeneous lifeworlds of students. These must be independent of spatial and temporal framework conditions. Lifelong learning is not bound to the location of the university and to event times, but can and must be shifted “outside”.

The reality of life for many students today is different. Be it the young parents who can only deal with teaching in the evenings, the student who cannot travel daily to the city where he or she cannot live because of high rents, or the required distance rules based on waves of illness that stand in the way of physically attending a lecture. Virtual attendance or on-demand consumption of the lecture after the fact becomes elementary.

Recordings also offer advantages for students who have attended a lecture, as they enable more optimal follow-up of what has been learned or improved preparation for exams.

Hybrid teaching and modern media technology

A study conducted by AV Solution Partner in 2022 revealed that a large proportion of students would like to see a modern infrastructure and see a need to catch up, especially in the area of hybrid teaching. This is due to the fact that studies have proven that learning ability increases significantly with good content, especially when the gestures and facial expressions, i.e. the emotions of the lecturer or professor, are clearly visible.

Sustainability is the order of the day

The number of students is rising continuously. At traditional face-to-face universities, this would mean more rooms, more apartments in the cities, more travel to the university. This puts an additional strain on the climate. Likewise, rising heating and electricity costs for a large number of lecture halls lead to immense additional costs that must be avoided. With a hybrid set-up, there are no limits to the number of students – even new business models for universities, as demonstrated by universities in the USA, become conceivable.

Advantages of the TrackingMaster

  • The TrackingMaster is characterized by high reliability and individual configuration options to best integrate the topic of hybrid teaching into university operations.

  • Compared to optical systems, the TrackingMaster is superior, because not the image (e.g. downscaled JPG stream) is evaluated, but the position precisely detected by laser. Disturbances caused by striped jackets, bad light, reflections through glass panes, etc. are therefore a thing of the past.

  • Audio-based systems are only reliable in rooms without movement (e.g., conference room) and do not ensure reliable detection or tracking in lecture halls. With the already heavy workloads of many media technology teams, there is a need for a system that does not require attention, as is the case with TrackingMaster.
Advantages for universities
  • Reliable positioning of the professor, so that this and, if necessary, the blackboard writing is displayed as a full screen, thus optimizing university didactics in the context of hybrid teaching.

  • High reliability of the system: No additional personnel required to operate or monitor tracking.

  • Individual setting options, e.g. through config frontend and depth detection for different requirements (e.g. fixed presets at the blackboard area if professor*in is standing in front of the blackboard or definition of higher level tracking zones, e.g. to ignore students leaving the room if the professor*in is detected in front of the blackboard)

  • Complete workflow from recording to storage (solution-independent, e.g. OpenCast) automated and flexibly designable. We provide the relevant interface and the required code for the common solutions.

  • Small unit (besides the laser sensors, only a small computer unit supplied is needed) that can be integrated in the lecture hall or in the server room.

  • Regular security and feature updates available. With a development team in Germany, we can respond promptly to requirements from the market.

  • The system works independently of the camera manufacturer.
Advantages for system houses
  • First-class support and continuous further development of the system: contact & support as well as software development in Germany.

  • System can be individually configured to customer requirements and special circumstances.

  • Training of their team and well documented installation guide available.

  • Partner concept available, with benefits such as joint promotions, product demos, showroom equipment and attractive conditions.

  • TrackingMaster is DSGVO compliant.


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