A complete success!

Our topics at ISE have aroused great interest:

  • Hybrid teaching is the future: TrackingMaster is the all-in-one platform for automating the entire workflow in the lecture hall
  • New camera models: Sony cameras have been added to the TrackingMaster portfolio
  • Sustainability and equal opportunities: Automated lecture recording not only saves universities money and lecturers time, but also gives students access to teaching content that they would have missed due to local, physical, financial or time constraints

We would like to thank you!

Special thanks go to all the representatives of the universities for
the exciting discussions and the profound interest in our TrackingMaster. This pushes us to continue and to keep developing new innovations.

“This system doesn’t just detect and track, 
it does so with an
unmatched reliability
we all dream of in the AV world.” 

Patrick Schneider 
Media Integreat