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Automation of the lecture hall workflow

Almost daily, the media reports on the need to optimise and further develop our education system.

We must invest in the education of our society and provide a competitive and attractive educational infrastructure. But what does that mean in concrete terms?

What is good teaching?

  • Teachers should have enough time for (individual) teaching and there should be as few distractions as possible through technology so that the energy of the teachers benefits the students.

  • The teaching formats should be hybrid, i.e. independent of time and place, in order to correspond to the reality of life of the GenZ, so that they are easier to integrate into everyday life and the students spend less time on the train/car, for example, but can invest their energy in teaching.

What contribution can technology make to achieving these goals?​

TrackingMaster simplifies the video recording of lectures by automatically and reliably keeping the lecturer in the picture. Studies show that this increases learning success. Find out here, how the TrackingMaster works and why it won The AVard 2022 as the best product in the field of education.

The latest version now recognises where a person is even better based on machine learning and can even recognise irrelevant objects (e.g. a table that looks like legs) as irrelevant.

TrackingMaster Showroom

The future of higher education

The new version (1.5.1) of TrackingMaster goes one step further in #automation. For the first time, a system is able to automate the entire workflow in the lecture. Based on the laser-based position recognition, the behaviour of the system can be defined in the TrackingMaster frontend.

Imagine the lecturer enters the room, the lights go on, the microphones too, at the same time the lecture recording starts automatically and the lecturer is tracked by the camera. As soon as the lecturer steps in front of the students and talks to them, the system switches to a second camera showing the auditorium. If the lecturer goes back to the blackboard, he is tracked until there, but a preset on the blackboard is approached for better readability. Afterwards, the lecturer goes to the table to show a close-up of an object with the Visualizer; the video signal is now no longer the camera shot, but the image of the Visualizer is made available to the students.

There are no limits to the possible applications, the configuration is simply done via our tried and tested frontend. If you would like to experience this live, then request a demo from Tim Kutter.

Until then, you can watch the Guided Tour at our stand at the Integrated Systems in Barcelona.

Guided Tour at our booth at the Integrated Systems in Barcelona​

The TrackingMaster is used to automatically track lecturers in lectures. For this purpose, a PTZ camera is automatically moved based on data from external sensors to keep the lecturer constantly in the picture.


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