A survey of more than 1,000 students showed that students want hybrid lecture models even after the pandemic. Students would like to enjoy the advantages of a face-to-face university, but at the same time be able to attend lectures from home or with their parents. In addition, students follow up on lectures attended in person, for which a recording offers great added value.

But not all content is the same. For university didactics, it is of fundamental importance that the professor is presented as a full image, so that her emotions, facial expressions and body language can be recognized. Studies show that this significantly increases the learning success of students. No one follows an hour-long presentation of slides if the professor cannot be seen at all or only as a small section at the edge of the screen.

Everything must be made as easy as possible for the lecturer, otherwise the system will not be used. Teaching the professor’s face, manually selecting preset zones when changing the location, or complicated controls via the media control system are not accepted. Automated tracking must be able to be started and stopped by pressing ONE button.

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