21.02.2024 | 3 – 4 p.m.


  1. Complete AV automation in the lecture hall: We will show you the future of modern presentation rooms. From the studio to the Audimax, we offer unique opportunities to work more efficiently and create the best possible content with minimal effort. TrackingMaster rAVolutionizes the way technology is used and can automate everything from lighting and sound to camera control on a single platform.
  2. Reducing complexity for teachers: We present you with a solution concept that brings everything together “easy to use”: camera control, network technology, changing microphones, the visualizer and much more. This allows teachers to concentrate on their content.
  3. Reduce costs: How lecture recordings can reduce costs at universities, overcome capacity limits in lecture halls and ensure more students have access to teaching content.
  4. Live demo: What’s new with TrackingMaster V1.5.1 Ruby?
  5. Integration into existing lecture hall technology: What technology do I really need for recordings? How do I integrate TrackingMaster into my lecture halls?
  6. Automated, smooth workflow from recording to publication: How do the recordings reach the students without disruption?

Target group:

Anyone at educational institutions who deals with the topics of digitalization & hybrid teaching, cost reduction, automation of the entire lecture hall technology, improvement of teaching or media and lecture hall technology and would like to exchange ideas with colleagues. No matter whether you are a university manager, media technician, didactician, system integrator, planner or research assistant. You are very welcome.

We will be happy to make the recording of the event available to participants upon request.

We look forward to your participation.

Bauhaus Uni Weimar - Leinwand
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